About Us

We deliver solutions focusing on the Integration of Information Technology and Business Processes that support the Strategy, and ultimately the delivery of superior products/services to our clients

Our Business

The original organisation, the predecessor of Mantrain Solutions, BankSolv, was formed as a company in Johannesburg in October 1994 with the original executive and staff being recruited from Andersen Consulting. Additional consultants were typically identified through their previous working relationship with the executive and demonstration of high quality performance. An alliance with Mantrain Solutions was formed due to the synergies that were to be gained. Mantrain Solutions is a Level Three BBBEE contributor accredited company and value adding enterprise (110%).

We provide diverse professional services including:

  • Consulting analysis and advice on a wide range of strategic, operational and financial business issues;
  • Facilitation in the development of business and information technology strategy or architectures;
  • Project management, particularly of business re-engineering and systems development and integration projects;
  • Business transformation and process re-engineering for profit improvement;
  • Business analysis and systems analysis and design;
  • Management of change within organisations, particularly to assist with the implementation of new processes and technology;
  • Software product evaluation

Our Business

Our Aim

For each engagement we undertake, we apply skill sets appropriate to the clients' needs and the agreed engagement objectives. In all of our services, we employ standard, systematic processes and methodologies to assure consistent, quality solutions. Our services are diverse and can be highly complex. We are confident that we can contribute on projects that range from small to extremely large. Regardless of scope, though, we strive - on each and every client engagement - to deliver:

  • Value beyond the price of our service
  • Complete understanding of the client's unique requirements using unmatched industry knowledge
  • Total client satisfaction
  • The highest degree of professional competence
  • Innovative solutions that allow clients to differentiate themselves from competitors
  • Commitment to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship
Our Aim